Blank or Printed Labels

Barcode / Label Printers

LabelX supplies high quality Printer Ribbons at the width and length you need.

Different printing applications require the correct ribbon, we can help you select the best ribbon for the job. Wax , Wax Resin, Resin, Colours and metallic ribbons are available.

Size Guide:
The first measurement on a ribbon is the width and this needs to be matched with the width of the label you are printing. Your ribbon needs to be slightly wider than your label. The second measurement is the length of the ribbon and this is measured in meters. 


Near Edge Ribbons:
Suitable for near edge label printers, near edge means that the thermal head is within a few millimeters of the edge of the thermal head. These ribbons are used for the industrial Toshiba label printers.

Flat Head Ribbons:
Suitable for flat head label printers, flat head means that the thermal head is approximately five millimeters back from the edge of the head. These ribbons are used for TSC, Zebra, Intermec and Datamax label printers.

Is a suitable material for most standard applications. It provides a good quality print on paper labels and some synthetic materials. Wax will not withstand long term weather exposure or smearing or scratching.

Wax Resin:
Is suitable for more demanding applications. It is smear and scratch resistant and is more effective in long term weather exposure. It provides a good quality print on paper labels and synthetic materials.

Is suitable for heavy and rugged industrial applications. Resistant to scratching, weather exposure, high temperature and some solvents. Ideal for use on synthetic material.

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